A Week Full of Thanks

A slow week for me...or so it seemed...

Belle and Ian stayed home sick last Monday. Ian went back to school on Tuesday while Belle ended up being out for the whole week! She tried going back Wednesday but didn’t make it past lunch. On Thursday, she tried again and almost made it till the end of school. I was able to go to body jam class at the gym. I was running late going to the gym, that in my rush, I accidentally hit my hand hard as I was sliding my card in the entrance attendance scanner. Thank God I looked at my hand because my diamond had fallen out of my ring! I panicked! Thank God again because I found it! Whew! That raised my heartbeat more than the class did.

I picked up Isabella before Ian as her school called just before I picked up Ian. She had fever that night and I had my own bouts with cough. I woke up late Friday morning (thank God for wake up call from hubby). And another thanks be to God, Ian made it to school on time.

My friend Belle Villaverde and her family came to visit (they stopped on their way to L.A.) Isabella was happy to see Krystelle and Anika. Then I got a call from Ian asking if I can bring him lunch (we forgot in the morning frenzy). So we all brought him lunch (Phil does not have school)... And I thought my week was slow.

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