Successful Talent Show

Shell Beach Elementary School Talent Show was a great success. It was a very organized talent show, not to mention the great venue. It was held not in a usual school's multi purpose room but in a newer and very nice theater. The Clark Center for the Performing Arts in Arroyo Grande was very well attended. The crowd loved the performance of Isabella (and Ian - who choreographed the demo and made Isabella look really good). They clapped and cheered during and at the end of their short routine (there was a 2 minute time limit). They received praise from the people they met on the way to the parking lot. Phil said he overheard someone say they were their favorite. It was a great show. All the performers gave their best. Hurray to Isabella and all the performers. Everyone enjoyed the show. What a great fund raising event for the school. Hurray to Shell Beach Elementary School.

Dear God,
Thank you for the talents you bestowed each one of us.
May we continue to use these gifts not just for our enjoyment
but to serve a greater purpose according to your will.

Thank you Dear Lord for giving me the energy all through the years.
The vigor that enabled me to bring my children to different activities.
Sports and classes that provided them the skills to enhance their God-given talents.
Gifts they could use for enjoyment and the good of others.
May I not forget to impart and remind them of this.

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