Too Blessed to be Stressed

Daily Message from Shell Beach Elementary's Project Wisdom:
Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?
Make it a great day...or not. The choice is yours.

Isabella is blessed with a positive attitude and a happy disposition. Very rarely would she get upset or get negative over something. But one day in third grade we picked her up from school upset and frustrated with some of her classmates who backed out of their agreement to join in their school's talent show. I reminded her of her usual reminder to me during my own times of frustration: "remember you're too blessed to be stressed". You see, she's the one who gave me that phrase to help me in my own times of stress. Teary eyed she responded: "but mom, right now I'm too stressed to be blessed". She made me realize that those words she quotes, go both ways. When we focus on our blessings, our stress fades and loses its grip on our heart. On the other hand, when we focus on our stress, our vision is clouded and our blessings are blocked. Then came some words of wisdom from her big brother Ian: "It's sort of like seeing a glass half full or half empty". I had him explain that to his sister. Isabella resorted she will focus on the glass that is half full because she chooses to have an attitude worth catching...she chooses to be "too blessed to be stressed".

CDMA Grand Opening

Held last January 26th, is the grand opening of Isabella's fave dance studio, Coastal Dance and Music Academy. They moved to a new 3,000 square feet of studio space in Arroyo Grande. It features three performace rooms with sate-of-the art sound system, flooring and soon, theater lighting.

The grand opening was featured in three different Central Coast newspapers. Here is a scanned copy of the Santa Maria Times (Isabella is the one in the front with galsses on)

Russ and Isabella offered a father/daughter number with Isabella's own 'last minute' choreography to dad's guitar accompaniment of Rhythm of the Rain. It was a precious sight and was a hit especially to sentimental moms who got mushy and dewy-eyed. (sorry I didn't get to take a picture. I work part time at the studio office and I was working that day)

but here are a couple of scanned photos taken by the studio photographer...

Featuring the Razzle Dazzle Performance Troupe in

"Getcha Head in the Game"

"Broadway Babies"

Isabella truly enjoys her four dance classes (ballet, jaz, tap, and repertory). She loves everyone there (really helps alleviate her longing for her Choi's Martial Arts family). It goes to show that warm memories of a 'family' environment will always be remembered and can never be erased. We know that the new memories she is presently creating at her new dance 'family' will be a lasting one.

here's a photo I took of the tv monitor at the studio's lounge connected to one of the performance rooms (taken during Isabella's tap class )

Best of Both Worlds the title of Hannah Montana's concert. It's also how I feel toward our two home-sweet-homes. One nestled in the warmth of nature, the other in the warmth of comforting friendships. Indeed the best of both worlds. (Now if I could only combine both worlds....)

Thank you to ate Cecile for taking us to the very special 3D movie showing of this "too-cute-and-lovable-can't-miss" concert. What a wonderful experience to see the thrill in our "fast-growing-not-so-little-anymore" sweet girls...a glimpse of what's to come?

Then it was time to give our "good-bye-until-next-time" hugs...but not before indulging in ate Cecile's "melt-in-your-mouth to-die-for" Texas Sheet Cake! Talk about pure indulgence! I am absolutely in awe of her energy. We just got back from the movie, I had just finished preparing for the trip back to Pismo, and voila!...a warm, delightful, homemade chocolate cake. Thank you so much ate Cecile...we all loved it!

some special photos from ate Cecile

Revisiting Taekwondo...and so much more

We drove to Union City on Friday, Feb. 1st, right after Belle's dance classes. I normally am not fond of driving at night but I was looking forward to the Saturday 9am taekwondo class at Choi's Martial Arts. The hour long class quenched my "homesickness" not just for the practice of this art I so dearly miss but also for the family we have at the dojang. It was a especially delightful class as I was joined by my BFF, ate Cecile, and the wonderful Christa Choi.

Then off to ate Cecile's for some inspiring and comforting conversations over delicious breakfast (prepared especially for us by ate Cecile's wonderful nana Lorna). Isabella was so thrilled to spend the day with BFF, Krystn and Illahe too! Then Isabella and Krystn attended the red belt class (Isabella really misses the dojang and taekwondo practices too).

We then took Krystn home with us after their class. We all watched the movie Game Plan at home with Immanuel, Ian and dad. It was a very nice family time.

And then the perfect ending to a perfect day...dinner with the Janiceks at Pacific Buffet...absolutely delightful! Thank you very much ate Cecile. What a wonderful day...What a blessing!

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