{On Greatness}

I was blessed with great guests this weekend
thank you ate Cecile, ate Pinky, Nana, Timothy and Krystn
for making us all feel great
and for your great influence

greatness is making others feel great!
-G. K. Chesterton

greatness is not measured by affluence
but by influence
-Pastor Ron Salsbury

I'm Yours

This is one of my favorite worship songs
from New Life Church
composed by Kevin Ross

Verse 1
You, O lord
Created me and passioned me
You, O Lord
Have blessed me with ability

So what else can I do
But give myself to You
And let my life display Your wonder
Everything I am is according to Your plan
I'm created to praise You

Everything I have is Yours
I wanna live my life for YOur glory
I'm giving You my life, my dreams,
I'm Yours
Everything I hope to be
Is under Your authority
There's no where else I want to be,
I'm Yours

Verse 2
You, O Lord
Laid down your life as a sacrifice
You, O Lord
Have rescued me and set me free

{Simply Grateful} 9/11/2007

for a husband who encourages me to take care of myself and go to the gym
for an opportunity to go to the gym (body flow class)
for a time to be still and renew
for a chance to show my love and support to my mom (helped her take a shower)
for my mom's ankle's slow but sure recovery

{Simply Grateful} 9/10/2007

for a wonderful weekend at the beach...watching Phil help Belle skimboard
for Immanuel's and mom's safe drive back
for my husband's love and understanding
for Ian's amazing 'out-of-the-blue' words of wisdom
for concerned calls from friends closest to my heart
for turning my weaknesses to draw me closer to You
for a home in a place surrounded by beauty that beckons and woos my spirit to renewal and contentment

Perfectly Imperfect

as inspired by To Dance With The Lord

I am perfectly imperfect
I battle my own demons

the lure
of being in control
of directing circumstances
most especially my loved ones.

the lure
so strong is its pull
and the constant struggle
leaves me drained, weak and dry

and in my total surrender
the One truly in control says to me
"I have told you these things,
so that in me you may have peace.
In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart! I, Jesus, have overcome the world." (John 16:33)

The power that created the universe
is bigger than anything in it
all I have to do is
let go and let God.

My external circumstances may or may not change
But only in my total surrender,
in my brokenness,
through my cracks
can the Living Water overflow.

I recognize now
this state of overflowing
requires continual "in-filling"
after all, I am perfectly imperfect,
leaking through my brokenness.

As long as I remember
to let go and let God,
He will bring me back to Him.

In my total surrender
In my perfectly imperfect state
I will dance with the Lord.