Coastal Dance at Avila Beach

Isabella's dance school, Coastal Dance, had a great show at the Avila Beach Farmer's Market last Friday. Here are some photos to share courtesy of one of the moms.

We bought a video camera to capture this wonderful moment. Unfortunately Ian, who was in charge of taking the video, accidentally missed Belle's parts. He was so proud of his sister that he got so busy watching her instead of videotaping.

There are three groups of dancers. Isabella's group is called Razzle Dazzle consisting currently of 4 girls from her class. They performed a jazz dance called Little Bitty Pretty One. And they also joined in the finale, The Heart of Rock and Roll.

Little Bitty Pretty One

after changing costumes for the finale

The Heart of Rock and Roll Finale

stretching in class.
They nicknamed her Gumby because she is so flexible.

New Car and Grill

Wow I can't believe spring break is over. It has been a wonderful and productive vacation. We started with great family time at the beach. The rest of the week was mostly spent cultivating a new friendship and shopping for a new car for my mom.

I introduced my mom to Tessie and her husband, Steven, last Wednesday. On Thursday, Steven accompanied us shopping for mom's new car. We were out shopping for most of the day. Steven is a great aid in car shopping...not only does he love shopping and cars (he has 3 car magazine subscriptions) he is also a great negotiator. He asked to see the car invoice and offered $500 over invoice. It was a great experience. We ended up with a 2006 Mazda Tribute. My mom is so thrilled as it has been her long desire to acquire an SUV.

We are so grateful for our new friends, Tessie and Steven. Today, after church, we invited them over for lunch. Tessie is so full of energy and ready to venture out to new undertaking in hopes of helping the less fortunate in the Philippines. We had a very nice and long conversation over delicious lunch. Phil barbequed some steak and ribs over the new grill he assembled yesterday.

Dear God,
Thank you...
...for a new car and a new grill
...for a son who is able and willing to assemble the grill and then barbeque
...for good friends
...for the desire and means to help the less fortunate
...for uplifting conversations over great food
...for our health and togetherness

words of wisdom....recalled

Isabella wanted to read me a story one night. I said ok but I will also read my book.

"But mom you cannot do two things at the same time and focus. Master Choi said that. And I want you to really listen to me. So could you please not read your book at the same time?"

Well, that prompted me to immediately put my book down. I'm so glad I did...I got to experience a child's passion for reading...she read with inflection and deep feelings...what a blessing!

Immanuel and grandma arrived...

Immanuel and grandma arrived Easter Sunday afternoon. The kids wasted no time enjoying each was all about fun at Spring Break according to Isabella.

volleyball at the beach

just chillin'

coming back from surfing and boogie boarding

skim boarding princess
Dear God,
Thank you...
... for a beautiful day at the beach
... for healthy and wonderful children
... for their genuine and undying love for each other

Afternoon with great new friends

My friend Tessie arrived from Manila and she invited us to dinner. I was going to take a rain check since Russ is working. Tessie invited us to their house instead for a short get together so our husbands can meet. Her husband, Steven, is such a warm and friendly guy. Russ and I felt at home. It was a wonderful day and we had a great time chit chatting over drinks in their patio overlooking the beautiful ocean.

Easter Egg Hunt

Isabella met the Easter Bunny at her school

Isabella joining egg carrying contest

Isabella and Ian in our very own backyard egg hunt where mom hid the eggs

The big boys

in the front yard where dad hid the eggs

Isabella found the last egg!

The Word of God

The bible necessary to spiritual life as breath is to natural life.
There is nothing more essential to our lives than the Word of God.
~Jack Hayford~

A man has deprived himself of the best there is in the world
who has deprived himself of the Bible.
~Woodraw Wilson~

Reading Contest, Etc.

I just got back from my volunteer work at Isabella's school. Her classmates who went to the reading contest last Saturday informed me that Isabella got a prize. They said that they called her name but she wasn't there and that they will mail her medal. This is her first time and I am so proud of her.

The event is the 20th Annual Ned Van Norman Sight Read Aloud Contest sponsored by the Kiwanis of Greater Pismo Beach. It was a very organized event held at the Arroyo Grande High School. This year they had over 350 participants.

After the reading contest we headed to Union City to attend her best friend's birthday celebration. It was a great mermaids and pirates party with fun games for the kids and delicious food. It was complete with a pirate punch and treasure hunt that all the kids enjoyed. They even got to take home a live pet goldfish! Isabella wrote all about it in her journal at school.

After the party I went right to bed as I was very tired from Isabella's activities and all the driving. We had family time and watched disney's Cars. Then the following day, en route to church in the morning, Immanuel got a speeding ticket. It was partly my fault because I was talking to Immanuel. I didn't know who I was very upset at - myself, Immanuel or the police officer (I tried to explain to him that we were late for church but he said he's not talking to me - I'm not the driver) I felt like backing up to his motorcycle. I said the "A" word (to think we're going to church). Well, after church, we went to Chevy's and enjoyed family time. Then we stopped at Island Pacific to do some grocery shopping before heading back to Pismo. The drive back was so stressful as there were so many travelers. More cars than normal. Then I realized college students are coming back from their spring break.

"Let there be no filthiness nor foolish and sinful talk, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting or becoming; but instead voice your thankfulness"
~Ephesians 5:4

Dear God,
Please forgive me for forgetting these words of yours in my moment of anger.
Whenever I am faced with these strong feelings of displeasure, Lord please help me...
... to remember this passage
... to practice self control, a fruit of your Holy Spirit
... to hold my tongue and instead use it to voice my thankfulness