Our tenant is finally moving out!

I met with Dean Souza of ReMax In Motion Realty to discuss my rental property. He visited the property today for assessments and spoke to my tenant. He is finally moving out today. Praise God!

I have been having problems with this tenant since around May of last year. I couldn’t deal with it then because I had other other issues that are hard for me to talk about. My eldest son was also preparing to go to college then. I guess I knew that taking care of the problem would involve a lot of work and I wasn’t ready for it. I felt so overwhelmed because I felt so alone. Now I know why I couldn’t deal with it. I was solely relying on my own capabilities instead of tapping to the real power source. Nothing is impossible with GOD.

I signed a listing agreement today. The first step on my major to-do list. I have a lot to think about. Whether to sell the property "as is" or do some renovations. I have to list all the things that need to be done and assess whether it is worth the return of investment. I also have to take into account the length of time it will take for the renovations. My old self will get overwhelmed with the prospect of this all. But with my transformation I know God will guide me through the decision making process and I know that it will all work out in the end according to His plan.

God’s sense of humor

I pray for everything...even finding a parking spot.  It really feels good to be constantly talking to God.  I talk to him so much to a point where I feel his sense of humor.  Yes! I hear him "joking" with me sometimes.  Here’s one instance: It’s really hard finding a parking spot at Chabot College in the morning.  On my first day of class,  it took me 45 minutes trying to find a parking spot!  So the next day, I came even earlier to allot extra time looking for a spot.  I told myself, "c’mon Imelda you can do this.  You can find a parking spot".  After 20 minutes of circling I finally remembered to start praying and ask God to help me find a spot.  And I did find one shortly after. This reminded me not to rely on my own powers and to involve God even in what seems to be a small thing.  After all nothing is too big or too small to God.  So then the next time I came, I remembered to pray right away.  I asked, "God please let a parking spot open up".  A parking spot did open up but it wasn’t for me but for another car.  Can you see God’s humor here?  I can hear Him saying to me: "Imelda, my dear child, you just asked for a spot to open up but you didn't specify for whom".  I think it was also His way of reminding me to pray for others too.  God gave me my very own special spot shortly after close to where I needed to go:)

Maintaining Momentum

After awakening comes transformation then maintaining momentum.

Now that I have awakened, and have been transformed by God, I want to stay awake in keeping my faith alive and maintain the momentum. How do you maintain the momentum? Prayer is the answer. Tap to the real power source. With God by my side I don’t get as overwhelmed anymore and my anxieties have no power over me.

Tea Time

Last Sunday, 1/30/05, after taking Russ to the airport and after attending 10:30 service at church with Immanuel, I had a very relaxing tea time with the company of great friends. What a wonderful way of spending a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. We went to Lisa's Tea Treasures at Santana Row in San Jose. Owen, our photography diva, brought her new SLR camera (naturally). We had a very fun photo shoot while we were waiting for our table. And while we were busy having fun with our posing, a Dutch guy came and asked Owen about her camera. Owen was very pleased to find out that this guy is a professional photographer and he has the same camera that she has. He taught Owen some "camera stuff", took a couple shots of us and conversed with Cecile in Dutch. Visit Owen's photosite and check out the beautiful pictures she took to capture that wonderful day. Then it was time for tea. We all had a great afternoon.

Unfortunately, that evening, our family princess suffered a very bad stomach flu. We were all so concerned because she was getting so weak from you know what when you have a stomach flu (it was coming out from both ends). After a couple of times changing the beddings, it finally subsided with the help of pepto bismol and tylenol (she had a fever too). She stayed home the following day, Monday. Good thing Immanuel and Ian were home for semester break. It was mom who had to go to school. (I enrolled in a speech class at Chabot College....that's a whole new reflection.)