Once Upon a Solitude

Solitude plays a very important role in my quest for the simple life. Life throws us "curve balls" every once in a while. You know, those times when all of a sudden things seem too overwhelming to handle? When that happens we are thrown out of balance causing us to slip and/or fall. Only when I pause and take time (in solitude), to process the whirlwind of emotions that always accompany these "curve balls", can I regain my equilibrium and bring back the balance we all so desperately need. Through solitude I have come to the discovery, acceptance, and love of my authentic self. It is such a rewarding experience that I make it a part of my daily rituals. It's one of the treasures of the simple life.

The real voyage of discovery
consists not in seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes.
~Marcel Proust~

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind
Then you will be able to test and approve
what God's will is - His good, pleasing, and perfect will.
~Romans 12:12~

Solitude is an authentic voyage of discovery. In solitude you can change your thoughts; and when you change your thoughts, you change your world. Not because the world changed for you but because of the discovery of yourself and all that is around you. And in this moment of revelation, you come to "see" a different and authentic world and a different and authentic you. A new world and a new you that you come to understand, accept and love.

3 Inspirations for a Rewarding Quiet Time

1. Make Time for Solitude

Try to make time even if only for a short while. Incorporate it in your appointment book. Log it in as quiet time. This will force the balance that we all so desperately need. It is so hard to infuse balance in this busy world we live in, and yet it is very simple. All we need to do is to carve out a personal quiet time. For me, that time is in the morning after I drop off the kids at school and before I start my day. But it can be any time that works for you. It can be very early morning before anyone else is up, or in the middle of the day when you need a break, or at night before bed. Anytime that works best for you is the best time. The important thing is that you take time. Once you do, and it becomes part of your schedule and part of your habit, you will discover the power of silence and the joy it brings.

P.S. life's curve balls target our time for solitude. There are times when we get "out of balance": something comes up and we get distracted, things get hectic and it seems like there's just no time for solitude. I have learned that it is during those "busy" times when I need a time for solitude the most.

2. Find your own place of comfort

Find a place that inspires you. I personally can be just about anywhere to have a quiet time. In my normal day, my quiet place is by the beach (a wonderful blessing I am so grateful for). After I drop off the kids at school, I park by the beach and have my precious quiet time. I look forward to it everyday. As I go to that place, I am excited about what will happen. I know my time there would be something rich and fruitful. It is a place where I retire to nourish my soul. But like I said I can be just about anywhere. I can be in my bedroom, in my garden or even in the bathtub! Anywhere it may be as long as you close the door on distractions and interruptions and discover the power of silence.

3. Find your own things of comfort

Before I even start my quiet time, I always say this little prayer: "May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you Oh God. Please talk to me, I am listening". I bring inspirational books to read, my journal to write my thoughts in, and of course, my bible. If I am in my bedroom I like to light a candle and sometimes I put on a soft, soothing music. This is the moment in my day when silence speaks the loudest.

May you find your own time, place and things of comfort for a nourishing and rewarding quiet time. And in so doing may you discover the power of silence and the joy it brings. And last but not least, may you come to know "THE LIGHT" in your own once upon a solitude.

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