Project Procrastinators: Unite

I declared last week at The Inspired Room that I will unite with project procrastinators. After I made my declaration, it felt like I broke into a cold sweat. What did I get myself into? Like I said on my declaration/comment on Melissa's post, I am definitely a procrastinator. My OCD:) gets in the way everytime. I get overwhelmed and I can’t seem to start. So many projects…so little time. But like Melissa said, "Even if we don’t finish, we’ll be farther along than if we hadn’t started." So baby steps it is! Thanks for the push Melissa! But wait! Am I really up for this challenge right now? I'm beginning to feel that overwhelming sensation again. I attribute it to my OCD but I like the way Mellisa puts it...she calls it sensory overload.

Now where do I begin? Which project to tackle first? Big Sigh. This is so difficult for me. Ok I have to remind myself: BABY STEPS.

This post is a big first baby step in itself. The declaration in blogland helps with the much needed push...accountability!

So I guess I will start with a list. Actually I already have a list...a long one. Ok I guess now is the time to prioritize and, like the Nike commercial, just do it.

So here goes. I've finally decided which one to do has nothing to do with painting but something I have been putting off for the longest time...the flooring in the boys room.

Since this is a big project that I don't think I can finish in two weeks, I will break it down. This is the only room in the house without a hardwood flooring. This room is like a second master's suite. It is carpeted all the way to its bathroom (yuk! the potty here has been off limits) . So it's time to stop procrastinating and rip out the carpet, at least in the bathroom area (for now), and replace it with the leftover tile that we already have. Now I just have to believe..."I think I can, I think I can..." You think?

I think there's hope on my procrastination...I didn't procrastinate posting this:)

Here is the before photo

I also plan to paint the cabinets but not until after I finish tiling the floor. Please wish me luck...I need all the luck I can get on this project.

I thought I'd also share a before and after photo of my most recent very small project. I changed the hangers on my closet. It has also been on my project list for the longest time and I finally got the chance to do it.

Here's the before with the plastic hangers

Here is the after with the wooden hangers

It is such a small thing that made a big elevates my mood whenever I hang clothes.

Santa Barbara Zoo

We had a fun day at the Santa Barbara Zoo last Sunday, the 19th. After the zoo we strolled the fabulous State Street for the shopaholic in us. The we ended the day at the Mission. This day drip to Santa Barbara is surely a wonderful end to a fabulous spring break.

Cal Poly Open House

We attended Cal Poly's open house last Saturday, April 18th. Phil gave us a tour of his lab room to which he has his own key. I called it his office as he has a dedicated workstation for his senior project work.

Then we followed him to the room where they were having the

ICEX MALTA 2009 PRESENTATION: Application of Robotics in Archeology.

Thanks to kuya Phil, Isabella got the chance to control and maneuver the robot.

While Phil stayed with the group to answer questions, we took Isabella to the fun house and the bookstore.

Then we met up with Phil for a fun afternoon in downtown SLO and a wonderful lunch in Morro Bay. I asked Phil how the question/answer portion of the presentation went. He said he was asked how he made it (to graduate in engineering) in four years. His answer of course is AP classes in highschool knocking most of his freshman year in Cal Poly.

Isabella gave him a big was a wonderful bonding bliss to a mother's heart.

On A Mission...

Isabella will soon be doing a project on a California Mission of her choice. So we thought it's a great idea to go on a mission to visit a couple of the California Missions during spring break.

On our drive back to Pismo last Thursday, April 16th, we stopped at Mission San Juan Bautista

Then on Friday, April 17th, we headed to Solvang and visited Mission Santa Ines

And it was on to Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa after Cal Poly's open house last Saturday. Isabella went skateboarding through the sidewalks of downtown SLO, from the parking structure to the mission. Then we visited the Historical Museum next door to the mission.

and on Sunday, the 19th, we visited the Mission in Santa Barbara

by the time we got to the mission, after the zoo and our shopping escapade on State St., the weather had cooled down and no one was there. So it was perfect skateboarding time for Isabella.


Blissful Skateboarding

This is the highlight of our short visit to Union city during spring break. One of my heavenly moments as a mom...watching my kids having fun with each other and witnessing the love that abound. Isabella and Ian were tickled when Immanuel took them to the park to teach them skateboarding.

First Immanuel gave them a demonstration

Then it was time for one-on-one instruction...skateboarding 101 beginning with Ian

Then Isabella's turn

In a short while Ian was trying tricks

and then it was Isabella's time to go solo

then they both show Immanuel what they learned

Even our dogs, Indy and Pirate had a fun time

We ended the day with a family dinner at Seafood Buffet in Fremont...blissful indeed!

Spring Break '09

We did not have any plans for spring break. In fact I was dreading it. I thought I will spend most of the beautiful spring break cleaning our Union City home. As it turns out, we had a fun and relaxing spring break.

When we arrived in Union City, I couldn't bring myself to "cleaning mode". Most of you who really know me, know that I have borderline OCD when it comes to cleaning/organizing. From the looks of our Union City home in my OCD standards, a week's worth of cleaning isn't gonna cut it...I need an entire month or even a year! for all the projects I have in do you think I have borderline OCD? my kids say it's full blown OCD. Anyway, like I said, I couldn't get myself to clean...I was so overwhelmed, I froze! So what does one do when the going gets tough? the tough goes shopping!:) kidding aside, you do know when the going gets tough, the tough turns to the bible right? So, I did go shopping but not before meditating and reflecting.

Here are the highlights and summary of our blissful spring break.

4/11 - Saturday

  • Easter Egg Hunt at Dinosaur Caves Park

4/12 - Sunday

  • heavenly easter service with the whole family and our own backyard egg hunt

4/13 - Monday

  • drive to Union City

4/14 - Tuesday

  • shopping with my mom and dad Dennis at the Great Mall

4/15 - Wednesday

  • bonding time with the kids as they skateboard at Hall Ranch Park followed by a family dinner at Seafood Buffet in Fremont

4/16 - Thursday

  • time with Immanuel at the car repair shop handling the insurance claim for his Subaru STI
  • visited Mission San Juan Bautista on the drive back to Pismo

4/17 - Friday

  • day trip to Solvang

4/18 - Saturday

  • bonding time with Phil during Cal Poly's open house
  • visited SLO Mission and Morro Bay

4/19 - Sunday

  • day trip to Santa Barbara after church (Santa Barbara zoo, shopping and the Mission)

Details and photos to follow

1984 HS yearbook photo

I can't believe someone uploaded the yearbook photos from my high school, St. Mary's College, Quezon City, batch 1984. I never got a chance to get a copy of my yearbook. I already paid for it back then but it wasn't ready at the time I left for the U.S. I have to thank whoever took the time to do this. I am so grateful.

Happy Easter!!!

I had a blissful Easter morning...great church service in the company of my wonderful family...heavenly!

Then we went grocery shopping as a family right after church. Isabella rented a "princess" movie that we watched after lunch.

Later in the afternoon, Isabella and Phil went to the park. While they were away, daddy and Ian hid easter eggs in the backyard (even our dog Indy joined in).

And it was backyard easter egg hunting as soon as they got back from the park.

Hmmm...where might those eggs be? And why is Phil wearing his basket on his head?

Now it seems to me that Kuya (big brother) Phil is the one having the most fun

Here comes dad joining in the fun

It has been a fun day indeed. I want to leave you with one of my fave bible verses from John 10:10b Jesus Himself said: "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." Hope you all had a great Easter.

Easter Egg Hunt 09

It was a great day for an Easter Egg Hunt at the Dinosaur Caves Park.

We picked up Isabella's friend, Adrian, who lives a couple of blocks from our house.

they had a fun time blowing bubbles and "hoola-hooping" before the egg hunt

then the mad hunt begins

and a nice light lunch right after

then on to the jolly jumpers just before heading home.

The fun continues at home as Isabella and Adrian create "movies" to their hearts' delight. Isabella is into "directing" these in "Lights, Camera, Action!!!"

We dropped off Adrian at around 3pm. The fun still continues as Phil and Belle head to the park around 5pm. I picked them up an hour later and we headed to the beach.

Isabella: "Can we go to the candy store by the beach?"

Phil: "We can't, it burned down" (well, not exactly, but last time Phil and I went shopping just before his trip to Malta a couple of weeks ago, there was a sign posted at the candy shop saying: "closed due to fire")

Isabella was convinced we were kidding.

Phil went boogie boarding while I took Belle to the closed candy shop to prove we were "sort of not kidding":) worries, it's scheduled to reopen soon and we had a great, fun day.

Happy Easter everyone!!!