Easter Egg Hunt 09

It was a great day for an Easter Egg Hunt at the Dinosaur Caves Park.

We picked up Isabella's friend, Adrian, who lives a couple of blocks from our house.

they had a fun time blowing bubbles and "hoola-hooping" before the egg hunt

then the mad hunt begins

and a nice light lunch right after

then on to the jolly jumpers just before heading home.

The fun continues at home as Isabella and Adrian create "movies" to their hearts' delight. Isabella is into "directing" these days...as in "Lights, Camera, Action!!!"

We dropped off Adrian at around 3pm. The fun still continues as Phil and Belle head to the park around 5pm. I picked them up an hour later and we headed to the beach.

Isabella: "Can we go to the candy store by the beach?"

Phil: "We can't, it burned down" (well, not exactly, but last time Phil and I went shopping just before his trip to Malta a couple of weeks ago, there was a sign posted at the candy shop saying: "closed due to fire")

Isabella was convinced we were kidding.

Phil went boogie boarding while I took Belle to the closed candy shop to prove we were "sort of not kidding":)...no worries, it's scheduled to reopen soon and we had a great, fun day.

Happy Easter everyone!!!

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