Cal Poly Open House

We attended Cal Poly's open house last Saturday, April 18th. Phil gave us a tour of his lab room to which he has his own key. I called it his office as he has a dedicated workstation for his senior project work.

Then we followed him to the room where they were having the

ICEX MALTA 2009 PRESENTATION: Application of Robotics in Archeology.

Thanks to kuya Phil, Isabella got the chance to control and maneuver the robot.

While Phil stayed with the group to answer questions, we took Isabella to the fun house and the bookstore.

Then we met up with Phil for a fun afternoon in downtown SLO and a wonderful lunch in Morro Bay. I asked Phil how the question/answer portion of the presentation went. He said he was asked how he made it (to graduate in engineering) in four years. His answer of course is AP classes in highschool knocking most of his freshman year in Cal Poly.

Isabella gave him a big was a wonderful bonding bliss to a mother's heart.

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