Why am I in Speech 1 class

I feel very fortunate for this stage in my life when I can go back to school and take courses that I like. Courses that I do not "have" to take but that I would ENJOY taking for self-improvement. I have been a stay at home mom for quite some time now and I would like to "brush up" and improve my communication skills. I’m due for a makeover/upgrade in this area. It is an added bonus that I can count this subject as a credit when I do decide to pursue my degree.
This course will also serve as preparation for a role I accepted as tournament director for Choi's Martial Arts Annual Taekwondo Tournament in November. I need to learn how to organize my thoughts and how to manage speaker anxiety. Another reason that prompted me to take this class is that I want to learn how to effectively deliver a message in hopes of sharing God's words to anyone who needs them. The course goal and objectives fits exactly what I’m looking for, not only in the area of SELF-improvement, but also in the area of unSELFish desire to use what I learn to minister to others and effectively communicate inspirational thoughts.