{Walk your Talk}

"You call ME Master and obey ME not;
You call ME light and see ME not;
You call ME the Way and walk ME not;
You call ME life and live ME not;
You call ME wise and follow ME not;
You call ME fair and love ME not;
You call ME rich and ask ME not;
You call ME eternal and seek ME not;
If I condemn you, blame ME not."

"It is not how high you can jump that matters,
but how straight you can walk when you hit
the ground again."

we forget...

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today."
~Stacia Tauscher~

Oftentimes we get so busy raising our children
we forget to enjoy them.

We get so caught up in cleaning our house
that we forget to enjoy it.

{Difficulties to Blessings}

I was watching the show, Room by Room,
on HGTV and as the host was showing how
to decorate a room with fabrics, she said:

"Don't let the task overwhelm you,
let the finished product overwhelm you."

This brought to mind a quote
from an angel friend:

Looking back,
We see with great clarity,
What once appeared as difficulties
Now reveal themselves as blessings.
~Dan Milman~

My prayer:
Dear God,
I know that sometimes in the heat of my problems
My human nature blurs my “vision”
Help me remember...
...that just as my body needs exercise,
so too,does my spirit need challenges to exercise my faith
...that even when I can’t see solutions to my problems
I just need to have faith and trust in YOU
Because to YOU everything is possible
...that though I may not see past my present afflictions,
through YOU and in YOUR due time,
these difficulties will be manifested as blessings

One day...we shall gratefully see
that God's great refusals
were sometimes the truest answers
to our prayers."
~P.T. Forsythe~

Out of difficulties grow miracles.
-Jean De La Bruyere

{On Discipline}

No discipline seems pleasant at the time,
but painful.
Later on, however, it produces
a harvest of righteousness
and peace for those
who have been trained by it.
~Hebrews 12:11~

The word disciple comes from the word discipline.
To be a disciple of Jesus, we must discipline
ourselves to follow HIS ways.

{On Afflictions}

Afflictions are opportunities
for God to demonstrate
HIS sustaining grace
and show
HIS work in our lives.

We all go through all sorts of afflictions in this world.
We can allow them to either break us or lift us up.
The choice is ours. If we choose God's way,
our afflictions can lead us closer to HIM.

My prayer:
Dear God, I thank you and praise you
...for working out all the situations in my life
including my afflictions.
...for using my afflictions to lead me closer to YOU
and to glorify YOU.
...for always guiding me to chose the better path
...and for sending angel friends through that path
reminding me that I need these afflictions
so I will not rely on my own self
and to always come to YOU.

Mismanaged Anger: Uplifted

Today is a physically and emotionally draining day. I had yet another crying spell, marking the 4th this week. It was physically draining as I had laundry problems caused by a leaking washer. It was emotionally draining as I had "mismanaged anger"- per the book I’m presently reading: The five Love Languages of Teenagers. Immanuel came home sick causing my mismanaged anger.

It may have been a physically and emotionally draining day but it was a spiritually enlightening day at the same time. When you have a personal relationship with the Lord, HE truly never fails to turn our difficulties into something uplifting bringing us even closer to HIM.

Immanuel and I had a chance to talk. Then he and Belle started putting up the Christmas tree. I made them lugaw to help their stomachs. As they were eating, Immanuel got a call from Toy’s R Us for an interview. It seems like the devil was working hard to get my anger back.

During my time of distress God's Holy Spirit was manifested through angel friends. Today HE sent ate Cecile, Paz, and my husband, helping me realize how lucky and blessed I am. My husband kept his cool all through my mismanaged anger throughout the day despite his back pain. He stepped up to the plate and dealt with the problem producing positive results. He even ended the day cleaning and preparing dinner. Cecile and Paz, as always, were there reminding me to "look again" so I can see that these are part of the learning process we have to go through and that I, in all actuality, am truly blessed.

Bible Study at home

Yesterday Immanuel stayed home sick and I arranged for my bible study to be at home. Then Isabella's school called as she was in the office with stomach pains. We prayed for everyone in our group including my family's ailments, Russ' back pain, and Immanuel's and Isabella's stomach pains.

In the afternoon, Immanuel went to the mall for his first day of work at the Disney store.

Then my day was ended with a wonderful dinner at Gerry's Grill.

39 and Holding

I turned 39 and looking forward to the big 4 0.

Lately I had been having mood swings. Last Monday I had uncontrollable crying spell. Then after listening to Phil's birthday greeting on my cell phone, I experienced tears of joy. And yet another one today. I hardly cry but that's 3 episodes in one week! I'm concerned because my cousin, Edna, says she had this as premenopausal symptoms.

After cleaning on the morning of my birthday, I did my nails and went to my noon taekwondo class.

After school Immanuel arrived home not feeling well (after effects of working on the haunted house) Then Russ came home with food for dinner and back pain.

Immanuel and Krystal came with me to take Ian and Belle to demo class. Then Paz picked up Krystal and Immanuel and I stayed and talked in the van. We watched from the van and at the end of class Master Choi videotaped Ian and Belle doing forms.

Then we went to the video store to rent a movie for Immanuel's English class. We also rented Monster House, Santa Claus 2 and Flying Daggers. We watched Monster House together.

Halloween Haunted Garage

Ian went to school dressed up as "Iana". He was beautiful it was scary.

I took mom at the airport around 10am for her flight to Manila with friend, Josie Espacio.

Minimum day for the kids and they worked on turning our garage into a "haunted house".

The kids together with their friends had a great time making the haunted house and so did its visitors. Even ate Cecile and I toughed it out.

Then they all cleaned up. I have to say I was very pleased and impressed.

Although it would have been perfect if Phil was present, it was a memorable Halloween nonetheless.

At Pismo with the Lucianos

On Friday, October 27, Immanuel brought Ian home during lunch and I picked up Isabella at school. Then we (I, mom, Ian and Belle) left for Pismo beach. The Marquez's, Janette, Lando and Jeazelle wanted so much to come with us, but, unfortunately, Janette couldn't reschedule her showing appointment. Susan and Lorenzo on the other hand, left ahead of us, and they stopped at a couple of wineries.

When we got there, mom prepared dinner and we walked around the neighborhood. Then out came the Luciano's "magic mic" and it was karaoke time after dinner. Isabella enjoyed it.

In the morning we went walking and jogging at the beach. Then on to Avila Beach and Port San Luis to get some rock crab for lunch. Then we headed to Morro Bay for some sightseeing. After a clam chowder and a little shopping, we went back home for lunch. Then it was time for good-byes as Susan and Lorenz headed back for Union City. I then took the kids out to get some bbq ribs and I had a very relaxing siesta. When I woke up we all went to the beach.

On Sunday morning, mom and I went to the local church, New Life church. After cleaning it was time to head back to U.C. It was a very nice and relaxing week-end.

Isabella's 7th Birthday Party

Isabella’s 7th birthday party was a great success. Everyone dear to us was present and there was Isabella's usual castle jumper. Our children pulled together to make the party a lot of fun for the kids. Immanuel and Krystal lead games. I handed out party favors during musical chairs. Then there was a dance off with judges, Cecile, Isabelle Tan, Daisy and Aaron Luciano. Everyone had fun watching Phil and Ian show "how it’s done". Then came pinata time. After the happy birthday cake, the girls had makeover with Krystal and friends.

Even the adults had a great time. Our kumpadre, Lorenzo, and my sister-in-law, Jill, started the karaoke. Then the ladies, Susan Luciano, Janette with sisters, Melody and Violy, started the dancing. All the adults had a wonderful time that lasted until midnight.

Fun was had by all. It was indeed a great birthday and housewarming party. Thank you everyone for warming our home and making this celebration a fun and memorable one.