Mismanaged Anger: Uplifted

Today is a physically and emotionally draining day. I had yet another crying spell, marking the 4th this week. It was physically draining as I had laundry problems caused by a leaking washer. It was emotionally draining as I had "mismanaged anger"- per the book I’m presently reading: The five Love Languages of Teenagers. Immanuel came home sick causing my mismanaged anger.

It may have been a physically and emotionally draining day but it was a spiritually enlightening day at the same time. When you have a personal relationship with the Lord, HE truly never fails to turn our difficulties into something uplifting bringing us even closer to HIM.

Immanuel and I had a chance to talk. Then he and Belle started putting up the Christmas tree. I made them lugaw to help their stomachs. As they were eating, Immanuel got a call from Toy’s R Us for an interview. It seems like the devil was working hard to get my anger back.

During my time of distress God's Holy Spirit was manifested through angel friends. Today HE sent ate Cecile, Paz, and my husband, helping me realize how lucky and blessed I am. My husband kept his cool all through my mismanaged anger throughout the day despite his back pain. He stepped up to the plate and dealt with the problem producing positive results. He even ended the day cleaning and preparing dinner. Cecile and Paz, as always, were there reminding me to "look again" so I can see that these are part of the learning process we have to go through and that I, in all actuality, am truly blessed.

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