Isabella's 7th Birthday Party

Isabella’s 7th birthday party was a great success. Everyone dear to us was present and there was Isabella's usual castle jumper. Our children pulled together to make the party a lot of fun for the kids. Immanuel and Krystal lead games. I handed out party favors during musical chairs. Then there was a dance off with judges, Cecile, Isabelle Tan, Daisy and Aaron Luciano. Everyone had fun watching Phil and Ian show "how it’s done". Then came pinata time. After the happy birthday cake, the girls had makeover with Krystal and friends.

Even the adults had a great time. Our kumpadre, Lorenzo, and my sister-in-law, Jill, started the karaoke. Then the ladies, Susan Luciano, Janette with sisters, Melody and Violy, started the dancing. All the adults had a wonderful time that lasted until midnight.

Fun was had by all. It was indeed a great birthday and housewarming party. Thank you everyone for warming our home and making this celebration a fun and memorable one.

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