At Pismo with the Lucianos

On Friday, October 27, Immanuel brought Ian home during lunch and I picked up Isabella at school. Then we (I, mom, Ian and Belle) left for Pismo beach. The Marquez's, Janette, Lando and Jeazelle wanted so much to come with us, but, unfortunately, Janette couldn't reschedule her showing appointment. Susan and Lorenzo on the other hand, left ahead of us, and they stopped at a couple of wineries.

When we got there, mom prepared dinner and we walked around the neighborhood. Then out came the Luciano's "magic mic" and it was karaoke time after dinner. Isabella enjoyed it.

In the morning we went walking and jogging at the beach. Then on to Avila Beach and Port San Luis to get some rock crab for lunch. Then we headed to Morro Bay for some sightseeing. After a clam chowder and a little shopping, we went back home for lunch. Then it was time for good-byes as Susan and Lorenz headed back for Union City. I then took the kids out to get some bbq ribs and I had a very relaxing siesta. When I woke up we all went to the beach.

On Sunday morning, mom and I went to the local church, New Life church. After cleaning it was time to head back to U.C. It was a very nice and relaxing week-end.

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