Avila Beach Show

April 18, 2008 performance

Getcha Head in the Game

Finale: You Can't Stop the Beat

The Village of Arroyo Grande

Isabella's Field Trip
to the Historic Village of Arroyo Grande
preserved by the South County Historical Society

The Village of Arroyo Grande is not far from our house and very close to Ian's school.
I decided to drive there (after my volunteer work at Isabella's class).

I walked the the swinging bridge
and met up with the class at the first stop: The Heritage House Museum

Then we walked up the hill to Paulding History House

And back down the hill to The Santa Manuela Schoolhouse, built in 1901, where Isabella got the chance to sit in the front row of the last remaining one room school in the county.

last, but not least, they got the chance to be "horses" and passengers to this antique reproduction carriage.

It may have been a tiring field trip due to the amount of walking involved, but was certainly fun and very informational.

Then it was time to pick up Ian, but not after a little bit of village shopping.

It was truly a very busy day. After picking up Isabella from school, we were off to her dance dress rehearsal (for the Avila Beach show).

I met Elba (the escrow officer handling my closing papers for my refi.) at the studio for signing. Thanks to Elba who drove from Union City to accommodate my rate lock-in expiration. And thank you ate Janette for all the hard work to get me the best possible rate (not to mention the very uplifting conversations).

Meet Indy

Ian's new taco puppy. He's a Chihuahua Terrier.

{Simply Grateful}

  • for the beautiful Chumash Park just down the road from our house. The kids have been enjoying playing with each other at the park on a regular basis.

  • for Phil who picked up Isabella from her acting class so I could attend my favourite body jam class (despite the abrupt notice)

  • for a husband who tries so hard to battle his "workaholic" tendencies and generate balance

  • for Ian's positive disposition reflected in his wonderful 3rd quarter grades.

  • for the wonderful habit of reading a devotional with Isabella before bed and then praying afterwards.

    I prayed out loud with heartfelt gratitude as I feel the deep love that abound among my wonderful children: "Thank you dear Lord for blessing me with the best children."

    Isabella (almost half asleep): "Do you know what God is telling you right now mommy?"

    Me: "What?"

    Isabella: "He said he gave you the best kids because you're the best mommy."

  • ....for moments that take our breath away.

"As You Sow, So Shall You Reap" (Divine Math)

As inspired by "Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude toward us."

We all want to reap fulfillment and happiness. But it is crucial to understand that fulfillment and happiness are byproducts of our choices. Therefore our goal or focus should not be on fulfillment or happiness, but on the choices we make. We need to be conscious of our choices as they relate to the "Rule or Law of Nature or the Universe". How then do we discern if our choices are in line with the "Law of the Universe"? Well, this "Law of the Universe" boils down to LOVE. Paul said in 1 Timothy 1:5 "the goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith." Therefore if our choices reflect love, we can then be certain that those choices are in conformity with the law of the universe. After all, how can you go wrong with a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. The only other critical issue is making certain that the love we reflect is a higher form of love and not a self-centered love. The amazing thing about this higher love is that it is an inexhaustible resource. The more we give away, the more we generate; and the more we sow, the more we reap. (I call this... Divine math)

Digging deeper:

Every single thing that happens to us in our lives is a result of our choices.

Every past experience was once a present choice.

{On Happiness and Contentment}

{Simply Grateful}

  • for angels watching over people close to my heart
  • for blessed pastors who continue to enlighten, inspire and exemplify Christ
  • for wonderful and inspiring new series at New Life entitled: Slaying the Dragons of Deception (last week's part 1: The Battle that Rages)
  • for organizations (i.e. R U Thirsty.org) that work and serve as an extension of God's almighty and loving arms
  • for uplifting and exhilarating worship songs

    fave lines:

    open the eyes of my heart Lord,

    I want to see you.

    Take my mind, transform it;

    Take my will, conform it;

    to Yours, Oh Lord.

{Simply Grateful}

  • for flowering orchids greeting us upon our return from spring break

  • for a hand-me-down treo phone (thanks to my friend Tessie) that came just in time of my razor's death

  • for a very nice lunch with great company at the wonderful ambiance of Adelina's Bistro (thank you Steven and Tessie)

April Fool's

Isabella got me good with this note from school....

I said in horror: "You punched Marylee in the nose?!!"
and at the back of the note....April Fool's! love, Isabella
I can't believe I fell for it. My family says I'm the best target for something like this. I wonder why they think that. Well, duh! Like my angel daughter will resort to punching someone in the nose and just get a warning for it. In my defense: I didn't really read the note; I just saw a red behavior slip signed by the teacher. Oh well, what can I say...they got me real good. April Fool's!

Taekwondo Tournament

reminiscing Immanuel's first taekwondo tournament.

National tournament in Florida, July of 1998

9 yr old green belt forms

10 years later....

UC Berkeley Tournament

after a 2 year absence, he took home another gold

as a black belt in the senior division

photo by ate Cecile of Papelle Photographie

Remembering the boys performing as a demo team

{Simply Grateful}

This past week is filled with so much blessings and I am simply grateful....

  • for a very fun-filled, relaxing and productive spring break
  • for a delightful time with the whole family (complete with Immanuel and his new dog, Pirate)
  • for wonderful time with my BFF, ate Cecile and family (including a great dance exercise class she took me to)
  • for a BFF who is ever so sweet, caring, kind, generous and full of energy
  • for a chance to reconnect with long missed taekwondo family
  • for Immanuel's gold medal marking his 10th year in taekwondo competition
  • for the love, care and support amongst my children
  • for Isabella's perfect first sleepover in the comapny of two great friends (Krystn and Illahe)
  • for a safe drive (despite the speeding ticket:)
  • for a clean and relaxing home to come home to