April Fool's

Isabella got me good with this note from school....

I said in horror: "You punched Marylee in the nose?!!"
and at the back of the note....April Fool's! love, Isabella
I can't believe I fell for it. My family says I'm the best target for something like this. I wonder why they think that. Well, duh! Like my angel daughter will resort to punching someone in the nose and just get a warning for it. In my defense: I didn't really read the note; I just saw a red behavior slip signed by the teacher. Oh well, what can I say...they got me real good. April Fool's!


cecile@papelle.com said...

this is absolutely precious!!! Way to go Belle!

cecile@papelle.com said...

Bob thinks this was absolutely clever of her!!!!Krystn hopes I forget so she can do something like that for me next year...yeah right...with my luck the joke would be that I thought it was not serious but it that she was actually called into the principal's office....*snort*