Studio Show '09

Coastal Dance and Music Academy
Clark Center for the Performing Arts
June 28, 2009

San Francisco Ballet School Audition

Isabella auditioned at the San Francisco Ballet School last Saturday, Sept. 12th. Ian, Russ, and I were there to support her. Unfortunately no family members were allowed to watch the auditions. According to Isabella, it was very exciting. There was a panel of 4 judges/teachers, a pianist, and the teacher conducting the audition. She had a great time and it was an experience she will never forget.

After the auditions, we had an early family dinner at Gerry's Grill. We met Immanuel and we had a nice family "meeting" (on allowances in conjuction with responsibilities, etc.) over superb filipino food.

When we got home, Isabella's BFF, Krystn, called inviting her to watch her own dance show. Isabella was getting ready when I retrieved a message from our answering machine asking if Isabella can practice dance for our church's Heritage event. Isabella missed the first dance practice so, sad as she was for being unable to spend time with Krystn, she made room for the church event. Thank goodness that her BFF Krystn was ok about it. Bless their sweet little hearts. Isabella practiced filipino folk dance with the kids from church.

It was a blessed day.

Today is yet another blessed day. We received an email from the San Francisco Ballet School formally inviting Isabella to attend this year's program. She is so excited to learn she is placed in level 2B, which is her level at CDMA. We credit much of it to the superb training, support, and inspiration she received from CDMA.
Currently, she attends Ballet Petit in Hayward where she takes 3 classes per week. We would need to have another family meeting regarding San Francisco Ballet School. We know it would be a bit difficult to take her to classes all the way in San Francisco, but we also know that it would be a great experience for her. We'll keep you posted.

Family Update - July/August 09

At last I can write again! It's because our Union City home is finally in some kind of order. It has been an extremely busy July and August for us. No, I'm not whining, just justifying for not following through on my promise for an update after our son, Phil's, graduation last June.

Well, before I bring you up to date regarding Phil, allow me to complete my justification for my inability to write. I want to say again, I'm not whining. I am very grateful for my fruitful undertakings. The only hint of whining, if any, stems from not being able to write. My justification for it?...OCD. I cannot seem to write until I have some kind of order in my surroundings. It's my obsessive-compulsive-disorder getting in the way.

By now, most of you already know we moved back to our Union City home. And for those of you who do not know, while we were in our Pismo home, our Union City home was home to our very friendly and active teen. In other words, it became a party house (not to mention there were 2 untrained dogs). It was in dire need of some major TLC. So right after our Orlando/Jamaica summer vacation, we tackled home improvements and maintenance at our Union City home. We replaced the upstairs carpeted bedrooms to laminate flooring. All the home improvements and maintenance, including selecting materials, (and looking for a dance school for Isabella) took the rest of July through the first week of August.

After the major work, we took a break and headed to our Central Coast home.

two blissful weeks in Pismo:
8/7 (Fri) - drive to Pismo and made it to Isabella's dance class at CDMA
8/8 (Sat) - company class from 9-11 then off to the beach with Phil and Belle in the afternoon.
8/9 (Sun) - family time at Avila Beach with some of Belle's friends from CDMA
8/10 (Mon) - my adult jazz class
8/11 (Tues) - Santa Maria courthouse to take care of my speeding ticket, Belle's dance classes, Belle's haircut (she wanted bangs); ending with family dinner at Rosa's Italian Restaurant
8/12 (Wed) - Isabella's playdate with friend from school, Adrian
8/13 (Thu) - time with my GFF, Tessie while Isabella enjoyed swimming at their clubhouse
8/14 (Fri) - sleepover with Gabby (one of Isabella's BFFs from CDMA)
8/15 (Sat) - Isabella's dance rehearsal; shopping with Tessie at Costco
8/16 (Sun) - good-bye get-together at home with Belle's dance teachers, Ms. Kathy & Ms. Tara
8/17 (Mon) - another sleepover with Gabby
8/20(Thu) - playdate with Sonja (another BFF from CDMA); dress rehearsal for Pier 39 show
8/21 (Fri) - drive back to Union City
8/22 (Sat) - Pier 39 show; Tessie and Steven visited; ate Edna and family

Back in Union City
8/30 (Sun) - time with my cousin ate Edna and family
dance classes for Isabella at Ballet Petit
8/25 (Tues) - time with one of my BFF's, ate Janette, and her DD, Jaezelle (one of Belle's BFFs)
8/27 (Thu) - playdate with Isabella's BFF, Krystn

As you can very well see, it has indeed been a fruitful couple of months for me. With the "busyness" I made sure that there were plenty of great moments with great friends.

Update on Phil
Thanks to Phil we were able to afford our Orlando/Jamaica vacation from his Oracle project earnings. We all had the time of our lives. It was also a great time for him to deliberate and decide which position to accept. It was a very difficult decision for him. He liked both offers: from the Dept. of Defense as Computer Engineer for NavAir, and as Systems Administrator at Experts Exchange.

It took a long while and in the end he decided to accept the offer from Experts Exchange in San Luis Obispo. He works alongside his proud dad (big consideration in the decision-making process). Russ couldn't be any prouder and any more ecstatic. The other plus is the chance of continuing his Masters degree at Cal Poly, which he plans on pursuing in the very near future. He is enjoying his job and involved in several productive projects.

So there you have it....I finally followed through on my promise for an update. Sorry it took so long...hence the equally long update:)

BTW just to let you know I also went back to taekwondo class yesterday after my 3-yr hiatus. Wish me luck that I can keep it up as I am in desperate need for some physical activity.

After all this long update some of you who do not know why we moved back to Union City are probably wondering just why we decided to move back. Well, I have to take Isabella to dance class now so it's going to have to wait until next post. I'll post pictures too... so just check back... hopefully it won't take as long:)