San Francisco Ballet School Audition

Isabella auditioned at the San Francisco Ballet School last Saturday, Sept. 12th. Ian, Russ, and I were there to support her. Unfortunately no family members were allowed to watch the auditions. According to Isabella, it was very exciting. There was a panel of 4 judges/teachers, a pianist, and the teacher conducting the audition. She had a great time and it was an experience she will never forget.

After the auditions, we had an early family dinner at Gerry's Grill. We met Immanuel and we had a nice family "meeting" (on allowances in conjuction with responsibilities, etc.) over superb filipino food.

When we got home, Isabella's BFF, Krystn, called inviting her to watch her own dance show. Isabella was getting ready when I retrieved a message from our answering machine asking if Isabella can practice dance for our church's Heritage event. Isabella missed the first dance practice so, sad as she was for being unable to spend time with Krystn, she made room for the church event. Thank goodness that her BFF Krystn was ok about it. Bless their sweet little hearts. Isabella practiced filipino folk dance with the kids from church.

It was a blessed day.

Today is yet another blessed day. We received an email from the San Francisco Ballet School formally inviting Isabella to attend this year's program. She is so excited to learn she is placed in level 2B, which is her level at CDMA. We credit much of it to the superb training, support, and inspiration she received from CDMA.
Currently, she attends Ballet Petit in Hayward where she takes 3 classes per week. We would need to have another family meeting regarding San Francisco Ballet School. We know it would be a bit difficult to take her to classes all the way in San Francisco, but we also know that it would be a great experience for her. We'll keep you posted.

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