Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings...

The people...
...the parent who nurtured you
...the friend who consoled you
...the stranger who lent a helping hand

The moments...
...a child's hug and kiss
...a soothing cup of tea inspiring book

The familiar
...the sky above
...the warm sun
...the green grass

The unfathomable...
...God's undying love

Count your blessings
like a well watered garden
nurture contentment
and grow in gratitude

Talent Show

Shell Beach Talent Show at their own MPR to give chance to others who missed the performance at Clark Center. Ian left school early to give support to his sister. By some chance Phil's afternoon class was cancelled and he was able to lend his own support. Here's a video for your viewing pleasure....


Glorious day at the beach...kite expo and kiteboarders in action....

Quest for Greener Grass?

The grass is not greener on the other side.... is greener where it is watered

Coastal Dance at Dinosaur Caves Park

Gorgeous day for a performance at Dinosaur Caves Park with a beautiful ocean backdrop.

Ian and Phil took the photos and I took the video (click on the play button and enjoy Isabella's passion for dancing). Isabella absolutely loves to dance. Some people came over to us raving about her (of course it helps that she's the tiniest performer). One mom of 2 boys said watching Isabella makes her want to have a girl.

It is delightful witnessing not just Isabella's but all the performers' love of dance. Their teacher and director, Kathy Schultz', own love for dance brings this passion out of all these wonderful dancers. She is a great and positive teacher, loved by all her students and parents. We truly feel very fortunate to be part of Coastal Dance.

posing after the show at one of Dinosaur Caves Park overlooks

joyfully 'chasse-ing'

Little Bitty Pretty One

joining in the finale

The Heart of Rock and Roll

Inspired Spaces

some photos to share of my new decorating inspired spaces...what a blessing!

inspired reflection and meditation spot

inspired living room

inspired entertainment center
cozier in contrast to the home we sold in Union City

Broken yet Complete

As I explore and ponder... thoughts and feelings,
...dreams and aspirations,
...problems and frustrations,
these journals have become...
...a sweet release from life’s complications
...a silent reminder of hope
...a resource in time of need
in moments of confusion, self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, fatigue and hopelessness

would I allow fear and desperation to fill me with hatred and despair?

through the admission of my brokenness,
I am reminded of my humanity.
In this awareness of my human frailty,
I am drawn to HIM
I meet HIM at the cross
at HIS feet,
in my brokenness,
I am complete.

Isabella's Field Trip

Morro Bay State Park Museum of Natural History

last pose by Morro Rock

playing after lunch

lunch break

inside the museum with a bear


looking for crabs

the whole class with Mr. Pelican