Coastal Dance at Dinosaur Caves Park

Gorgeous day for a performance at Dinosaur Caves Park with a beautiful ocean backdrop.

Ian and Phil took the photos and I took the video (click on the play button and enjoy Isabella's passion for dancing). Isabella absolutely loves to dance. Some people came over to us raving about her (of course it helps that she's the tiniest performer). One mom of 2 boys said watching Isabella makes her want to have a girl.

It is delightful witnessing not just Isabella's but all the performers' love of dance. Their teacher and director, Kathy Schultz', own love for dance brings this passion out of all these wonderful dancers. She is a great and positive teacher, loved by all her students and parents. We truly feel very fortunate to be part of Coastal Dance.

posing after the show at one of Dinosaur Caves Park overlooks

joyfully 'chasse-ing'

Little Bitty Pretty One

joining in the finale

The Heart of Rock and Roll

2 comments: said...

Hi Isabella,
Thank you for writing to me on my blog. I miss you too. And great dancing photos. And I will see you on May 12 at my First Communion celebration

Miss you and hugs

Owen said...

OH my Ate Imelda....Isabella is just amazing! Dancing comes naturally to her...I hope she keeps it up ...and she has improved so much too....I can see it. I hope she takes ballet, is she? This is great!!!!