Isabella's academic recognition/achievement

It's a great start of school year for Isabella as a 4th grader this year. The top 13 entering 4th graders are placed in a combined 4th/5th grade class. She loves the extra challenge she is able to do in language arts and Math. The class separates for Social Science and Math due to different curriculum. High STAR test scores allowed Isabella to stay with the 5th graders for Math. We are so proud of her love for learning and her love for everything she gets to do. We are Simply Grateful.

Striking a Pose...

....from a window ledge after her dance performance at Pier 39
(not to worry it wasn't a high ledge). She's in safe hands.
The great photographer is her mommy Cecile.

Best Friends Forever

awesome photos by ate Cecile of Papelle Photographie

Krystn’s support and genuine admiration for Isabella is an incredibly remarkable gift. I could not wish for a better BFF for my darling daughter. Isabella is equally genuinely proud of her black belt BFF who also happens to be in GATE language arts (congratulations Krystn!). This mutual authentic admiration and love they share at such a young age is truly a great blessing and we are simply grateful.

Pier 39 Show

A great successful and fun show at the Pier 39 in San Francisco last Saturday, August 23.
Thanks to ate Cecile for these awesome photos. We are {Simply Grateful}.

"Shop Around"
jazz releve with an attitude

enjoying a tour jete

it's all about dance...and lovin' it!

tapping to her heart's content

a quick change from tap to jazz in the finale

Good Timing of a Bad Thing

Our water heater burst the day before our scheduled trip to Union City for Isabella's performance at Pier 39. As bad as it may be, the timing is a blessing. Can you imagine if it happened while we are gone for several days? And I was able to locate a plumber who was able to replace the water heater on the same day. The boys and I rented a shampooer to suction the water out of the carpet in the garage. All is back to normal by the end of the day and we were off to Union City as scheduled the following day.

"Inspired" Guests

Just before the completion of our kitchen project, I had the pleasure of a visit from my spiritual mentor and hero, ate Lolit, and her family, together with Glenna, another spiritual hero. Need I say more? It was a short visit but definitely not short of inspiration.

{Simply Grateful}

for great ending to a wonderful summer vacation.

  • a visit from "inspired" guests

  • finished kitchen. Yehey! finally done! I am also simply grateful for having been blessed with a second home we can retire to anytime we need to (specially during a renovation:)

  • van maintenance in time for back-to-school. (oil change, tires, and air filter that Phil and I learned to replace)

  • Successful and fun show for Isabella at Pier 39

  • for the love and support of BFF's (thank you ate Cecile for driving from a company picnic in San Jose to San Francisco to watch and photograph Isabella's performance at Pier 39. Then making a disk for us until almost midnight. I am so very grateful for the time, energy, support and love you showered will forever be remembered and cherished.

  • for a genuine mutual admiration among BFF's at such a young age

for the good timing of a bad thing

for Isabella's academic recognition/achievement as an entering 4th grader and for her love of learning and love for everything she gets to do.

This is the day....

Every single day is a gift
See it gratefully
Every single day is filled with potential
Enter it expectantly
Every single day is a golden opportunity
Use it wisely.
Psalm 5:2-3
Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray.
In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.

New Kitchen

I Uploaded this to HGTV's Rate my Space. Please stop by and well, rate my space. Comments appreciated. thanks.

At last our kitchen renovation is finally done....french country style!

  • cabinets - we kept the cabinets as they were still in great shape. formerly honey oak, we painted them white

  • countertop - uba tuba granite with ogee bullnose edge

  • backsplash - gold tumbled travertine with 1 row of 4x4 set straight and 6x6 set diagonally with 2-1/2" granite decos in cut corners

  • sink - Kohler Undertone Series - 1 Bowl Model Number K3183

  • faucet - Price Pfister Ashley Series - T529-YPYSingle Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

The renovation was a tough process as it was a big inconvenience not having a sink and stove for over a week not to mention the dust. It actually took over 2 weeks (from tear-down) but thank God we have our Union City home where we retired to half of the time.

It was all worth it!

Center Stage

We just got back from Isabella's play/"sharing" of her summer acting workshop, Center Stage. It was a 4-hr/day week-long acting workshop at her dance school taught by 2 excellent PCPA - Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts graduates. We are so proud of and impressed with the whole group as they were able to showcase an amazing performance. Isabella portrayed the lead role from a play written by one of the teachers. The play is called The Six Companions. It is about a princess duck who found companions to rescue her brother from an evil king. The story is a very clever portrayal of friendship and the moral that we all need each other. It was a great experience for Isabella. She said it was the "funnest" workshop and she's sad it had to end. So I think she will be taking musical theater come fall:)

Sand Play

During Immanuel's visit with Krystal and friend Jonick who helped fix our wobbly fence.

{Simply Grateful}

  • for a wonderful summer

    • starting with a fabulous vacation with great friends

    • followed by fun and successful home projects and dance shows

    • great visit to Union City

        • Isabella's BFF, Krystn's, sleepover fun
        • Isabella's swimming fun with brothers
        • Immanuel's demo with Choi's Martial Arts at Fremont Arts Festival
        • taekwondo practice
        • meeting missed friends, ate Cecile and Belle V., even for a brief moment
        • visit from my ever so caring ate Janette and husband, Kuya Lando (always fun and uplifting)
  • for helpful and considerate children

    • Phil who thought of and chose to bring his bike to school to save on parking fees
    • Phil who installed new toilets
    • Isabella who made painting the bathroom fun
    • Immanuel who took on revamping the old Supra for brother Ian
    • Phil and Immanuel with friend, Jonick who worked on the fence