{Simply Grateful}

for great ending to a wonderful summer vacation.

  • a visit from "inspired" guests

  • finished kitchen. Yehey! finally done! I am also simply grateful for having been blessed with a second home we can retire to anytime we need to (specially during a renovation:)

  • van maintenance in time for back-to-school. (oil change, tires, and air filter that Phil and I learned to replace)

  • Successful and fun show for Isabella at Pier 39

  • for the love and support of BFF's (thank you ate Cecile for driving from a company picnic in San Jose to San Francisco to watch and photograph Isabella's performance at Pier 39. Then making a disk for us until almost midnight. I am so very grateful for the time, energy, support and love you showered us....it will forever be remembered and cherished.

  • for a genuine mutual admiration among BFF's at such a young age

for the good timing of a bad thing

for Isabella's academic recognition/achievement as an entering 4th grader and for her love of learning and love for everything she gets to do.

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