Miracle in a Normal Day

The whirl of day-to-day activities...

...getting the children up and ready for school
...preparing breakfast
...driving them to school
...doing dishes
...cleaning house
...paperwork, bills and phone calls
...picking up the kids
...supervising homework
...taking them to classes and practices

then starting all over again the next day

at times overpowering

at times overwhelming

Thank you, dear Lord, for leading me to a beautiful quiet place

where I can...

...find time to slow down and decompress
...find peace and tranquility
...find respite to gather strength for the day
...find You, feel your presence and hear Your voice

whispering to me
opening my heart
enlightening my soul

for these, my whirl of day-to-day activities,
are opportunities to give unconditional love

bringing me to the realization
that my everyday living
ordinary as it may be
is an extraoridnary testimony
to Your faithfulness and love.

Dear God,

Thank you for showing me the miracle in a normal day.

Bench of comfort

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cecile@papelle.com said...

you write so beautifully - because the pen is you use is your heart, and the ink your love....please continue writing as you inspire to become a better person, a better mom, a better friend - by your example!