A September to Remember

It seems like September went by so fast...where did all that time go?

A fracture on my mom’s ankle...it happened a couple of days before her scheduled trip to Canada with friends. She had to cancel of course. Her angel friends came to her rescue. Thank you so much Tita Rose and ate Lolit. You are indeed angels on earth…an extension of God’s caring hands.

An afternoon talk with Paz and Ener in an effort to shed some light, and, hopefully ease some of our emotional upheavals, regarding our relational problems with our self-willed teen lovebirds.

A visit from Krystal. She arrived Wednesday, Sept. 12th.
We all went to Isabella’s back-to-school night on Sept. 13th.
Wonderful weekend at the beach.

Visit from Pat, Sean and Alexa on Saturday, Sept. 15th. Krystal and Butters drove back with Pat and Alexa the following day.

Drive to Union City on Friday, Sept. 21st to attend my grand nephew, Jerome's, christening.

Great September ending…visit from great friends...ate Cecile, ate Pinky, Nana Lorna, Timothy and Krystn.

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