{Simply Grateful} 10/22/2007

....for an opportunity to share a church friend's grief and show our love and support in her time of loss
....for Isabella's memorable birthday (through the graciousnes of ate Cecile she will forever remember and rave of watching the HS Musical on ice with her BFF on her 8th bday)
....for a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate covered pretzels from thoughtful ate Pinky that came in an opportune time of my chocolate fit
....for a wonderful dinner full of FUN (through the kindness of ate Pinky) in the company of my BFF and her whole family (it was very nice meeting her beautiful and wise mom & dad for the first time)
....for a chance to witness the joy in the sweet eyes of two wonderful girls as they spend time together during a sleep-over and most of Sunday
....for hope as my "lost sheep" start showing some signs of maturity
....for a safe drive back

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