What's happenin?

on my mom:
She left with Immanuel last Friday and is back in Union City this week for her ankle check-up.

on Immanuel:
He enjoyed visiting Krystal for the week-end then drove back here with dad late Sunday night (well, actually, very early Monday morn). Thank God for the "no drama" weekend. I tell you, I really dread (more like a phobia) the week-ends when he drives to visit Krystal. the phobia is on: either a disagreement with dad (more like a battle where I'm stuck in the middle), or a speeding ticket. Well, at least I can see a little light at the end of this particular tunnel as he and Krystal are both showing some sign of maturity...on some decisions.

As for his schoolwork, I guess he works well under pressure...everything is done the last minute.
(You know who I'm praying for the most:)

on Russ:
Russ is here throughout the week enjoying attending Isabella's dance classes.

on Isabella:
We went to Isabella's parent-teacher conference yesterday. The teacher showed us her math chapter test for chapters 1-4 wherein she got the highest score in the class with only 1 incorrect answer. All her spelling tests are perfect scores. The teacher also commented about her obvious love of reading. She said that Isabella is one who really thinks of what is going on in the particular story as she is reading it. Isabella presented a story in the class that she wrote herself and everyone were so attentive as they really like her story. She did not get to finish it and so the teacher said that is called a cliffhanger...her classmates can't wait for her to continue her story. Russ & I were so proud of the teacher's comments: "Isabella is a joy, very self motivated and excels in everything."

on Ian:
He signed up for wrestling and asked me to sign a progress report showing A's and 2 B's. He did not want to show it to dad. This brought me to some reflecting as I was very concerned that he thinks dad only want to see straight A's, or worse, that our love is conditioned upon his performance.
Russ and I had a very nice talk about it. We are continually learning in our parenting skills.

on Phil:
He continually takes pride in his work...work that I could not read let alone decipher (it's like what the heck)...quantum physics type and some electrical engineering jargon...work where he shines... where teacher comments great work!
(as I am writing this, Phil comes in and hands me yet another perfect score test and informs me that class average is 50%)
wow! I know I have some smarts in me...but he certainly did not get that from me:)

on myself:
I am approching a milestone in my life...I can't believe I'm turning 40!...a lot of reflection as I face this milestone...a lot of blessings...a lot of gratitude.


cecile@papelle.com said...

You need to post the story Isabella wrote. I wont have it! Why cant we enjoy this precious child's writing as well....Please do!

Imelda said...

I didn't see the actual work myself as yet. I just heard it from the teacher. Isabella did tell me the story...about halloween and a witch's spell. I will certainly post once I have the actual hardcopy. I really like her teacher...she inspires Isabella so much that now she wants to publish a book!