Delightful time in Union City

We drove back to Union City Friday night, to spend Isabella's 8th birthday in the company of her BFF, Krystn. They went to watch Disney's High School Musical on ice, Saturday morning.

(here's some photos from ate Cecile's site)

Ate Cecile came to pick them up at 10am just in time for my chocolate fit. She brought a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate covered pretzels from her bestfriend, ate Pinky. Boy was Russ saved his life:) i was getting ready to strangle him (no chocolate during my coffee break turns me into something not right:)

Then mom and I attended a memorial for a friend at church.

In the evening, we had a delightful dinner (courtesy of gracious ate Pinky) in the company of my BFF, ate Cecile, and her entire wonderful family (her beautiful and wise mom and dad included, and of course, the very FUN and kind ate Pinky). After dinner we had the pleasure of sweet Krystn's company for a sleep-over. It was great joy watching the two cute BFF's have fun together.

On Sunday morning, we attended the 9am service at St. Paul's. Krystn and Isabella sported a matching red dress with matching sparkly shoes that Cecile bought for them (of course I forgot to take pictures). The people at church thought they were sisters...some even thought, upon seeing Krystn, that Isabella grew in a rather rapid state. After the service, during our fellowship time, the girls had fun playing at the church playground.

Then we were off to home where they were able to spend more fun time playing..magic tricks and all...while I was busy packing for trip back to Pismo...and while my mom was busy entertaining and enjoying a friend's visit (tita Warlita and her husband).

We had planned to leave at 2pm. And normally, during this time, I start getting anxious and scared. I worry about some family "drama" (brought about by Immanuel and Krystal wanting to "stretch" their time together and dad's reaction). But this time, to my great relief, Immanuel called at 1:30 and said that they are just finishing lunch and will come home soon. I am starting to really see a little bit of light in this dark tunnel of immaturity. Praise the Lord!:)

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God is so kind as He graces us with all sorts of Blessings. And He so does love the heart that shows gratitude for all the Big and Little favours showered upon us. I am happy to hear your trip back was without worry as I know you have been anxious over the approaching hour. Am very happy to have spent some time with you this weekend