Broken yet Complete

As I explore and ponder... thoughts and feelings,
...dreams and aspirations,
...problems and frustrations,
these journals have become...
...a sweet release from life’s complications
...a silent reminder of hope
...a resource in time of need
in moments of confusion, self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, fatigue and hopelessness

would I allow fear and desperation to fill me with hatred and despair?

through the admission of my brokenness,
I am reminded of my humanity.
In this awareness of my human frailty,
I am drawn to HIM
I meet HIM at the cross
at HIS feet,
in my brokenness,
I am complete.

2 comments: said...

wow - this is beautiful....and you are right

...for He sent His Son for our brokenness to remember what it is like to trust and surrender to His will....and give Him control when we can no longer control...

He guides you and your words reflect this...

Keep the PASSION burning.... said...

BTW - the piece I wrote for you in your time of distress was mentioned quite strongly in my discussion with Fr Geoffrey....He loves that piece ...Pinky too somehow feels I had written this for her...I do not correct that for it is part of that book because it should touch another soul as if speaking to their hearts...but you know that piece was written for you....and I am very proud to have you as a friend!