{Simply Grateful}

  • for the beautiful Chumash Park just down the road from our house. The kids have been enjoying playing with each other at the park on a regular basis.

  • for Phil who picked up Isabella from her acting class so I could attend my favourite body jam class (despite the abrupt notice)

  • for a husband who tries so hard to battle his "workaholic" tendencies and generate balance

  • for Ian's positive disposition reflected in his wonderful 3rd quarter grades.

  • for the wonderful habit of reading a devotional with Isabella before bed and then praying afterwards.

    I prayed out loud with heartfelt gratitude as I feel the deep love that abound among my wonderful children: "Thank you dear Lord for blessing me with the best children."

    Isabella (almost half asleep): "Do you know what God is telling you right now mommy?"

    Me: "What?"

    Isabella: "He said he gave you the best kids because you're the best mommy."

  • ....for moments that take our breath away.

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cecile@papelle.com said...

Isabella continues to show off her Angel skills as she mouths out just was God is telling you...It is a gift to us all to know her and I thank you for sharing with her the many little messages you receive from Him!!!! So much to be thankful for