39 and Holding

I turned 39 and looking forward to the big 4 0.

Lately I had been having mood swings. Last Monday I had uncontrollable crying spell. Then after listening to Phil's birthday greeting on my cell phone, I experienced tears of joy. And yet another one today. I hardly cry but that's 3 episodes in one week! I'm concerned because my cousin, Edna, says she had this as premenopausal symptoms.

After cleaning on the morning of my birthday, I did my nails and went to my noon taekwondo class.

After school Immanuel arrived home not feeling well (after effects of working on the haunted house) Then Russ came home with food for dinner and back pain.

Immanuel and Krystal came with me to take Ian and Belle to demo class. Then Paz picked up Krystal and Immanuel and I stayed and talked in the van. We watched from the van and at the end of class Master Choi videotaped Ian and Belle doing forms.

Then we went to the video store to rent a movie for Immanuel's English class. We also rented Monster House, Santa Claus 2 and Flying Daggers. We watched Monster House together.

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