{Difficulties to Blessings}

I was watching the show, Room by Room,
on HGTV and as the host was showing how
to decorate a room with fabrics, she said:

"Don't let the task overwhelm you,
let the finished product overwhelm you."

This brought to mind a quote
from an angel friend:

Looking back,
We see with great clarity,
What once appeared as difficulties
Now reveal themselves as blessings.
~Dan Milman~

My prayer:
Dear God,
I know that sometimes in the heat of my problems
My human nature blurs my “vision”
Help me remember...
...that just as my body needs exercise,
so too,does my spirit need challenges to exercise my faith
...that even when I can’t see solutions to my problems
I just need to have faith and trust in YOU
Because to YOU everything is possible
...that though I may not see past my present afflictions,
through YOU and in YOUR due time,
these difficulties will be manifested as blessings

One day...we shall gratefully see
that God's great refusals
were sometimes the truest answers
to our prayers."
~P.T. Forsythe~

Out of difficulties grow miracles.
-Jean De La Bruyere

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