Spring Break '09

We did not have any plans for spring break. In fact I was dreading it. I thought I will spend most of the beautiful spring break cleaning our Union City home. As it turns out, we had a fun and relaxing spring break.

When we arrived in Union City, I couldn't bring myself to "cleaning mode". Most of you who really know me, know that I have borderline OCD when it comes to cleaning/organizing. From the looks of our Union City home in my OCD standards, a week's worth of cleaning isn't gonna cut it...I need an entire month or even a year! for all the projects I have in mind...now do you think I have borderline OCD? my kids say it's full blown OCD. Anyway, like I said, I couldn't get myself to clean...I was so overwhelmed, I froze! So what does one do when the going gets tough? the tough goes shopping!:) kidding aside, you do know when the going gets tough, the tough turns to the bible right? So, I did go shopping but not before meditating and reflecting.

Here are the highlights and summary of our blissful spring break.

4/11 - Saturday

  • Easter Egg Hunt at Dinosaur Caves Park

4/12 - Sunday

  • heavenly easter service with the whole family and our own backyard egg hunt

4/13 - Monday

  • drive to Union City

4/14 - Tuesday

  • shopping with my mom and dad Dennis at the Great Mall

4/15 - Wednesday

  • bonding time with the kids as they skateboard at Hall Ranch Park followed by a family dinner at Seafood Buffet in Fremont

4/16 - Thursday

  • time with Immanuel at the car repair shop handling the insurance claim for his Subaru STI
  • visited Mission San Juan Bautista on the drive back to Pismo

4/17 - Friday

  • day trip to Solvang

4/18 - Saturday

  • bonding time with Phil during Cal Poly's open house
  • visited SLO Mission and Morro Bay

4/19 - Sunday

  • day trip to Santa Barbara after church (Santa Barbara zoo, shopping and the Mission)

Details and photos to follow

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