Isabella turns 9!

Our family princess is 9 years old today. Happy Birthday Isabella! Her birthday celebrations started yesterday when her brother Immanuel arrived from Union City (with 2 of his buddies, Jonick and Logan. Isabella's guests are teen-age boys:).

She had a great time shopping for ingredients and making cup cakes for her class with the help of her loving brothers.

"My cupcakes were a hit!" she raves after school today. "My classmates loved them and said they were glad I was born". She thanked her brothers with lots of hugs and kisses.

Then we feasted on yummy ribs and hamburgers barbequed by Phil.
Immanuel gave her a movie entitled Another Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez, one of her fave Disney star. She got the boys to watch with her...a perfect ending to her great 9th birthday.

It was a simple and intimate birthday celebration, a nice change from the elaborate birthday parties ("filipino style") we have gotten accustomed to, not to mention befitting to the simple life. As with anything, they both have their own pluses and minuses. Maybe next year when she turns double digits we'll change back to the big party. Party planning these days for me would not be in harmony to the simple living I am trying to lead. The distance between the two homes and my mom being away will make it a complicated endeavour. Thank God Isabella is happy either way. Thanks to her brothers also for making it special for her as always.

Another part of our celebration included a look back down memory lane starting with her scrapbook and some movie clips. Here are some old birthday photos: (there's so much to share...we picked just a few)

sorry we can't seem to find 2nd birthday

3rd birthday was the start of the princess parties. And of course a princess party would not be complete without a castle. It sort of became a tradition for the coming birthdays until her big 7th.

Sorry we can't find photos for 6th either.

But we have a ton of photos for her 7th birthday bash. It was the time when we moved back to our old house. A time when her brothers "hosted" complete with games galore including a fashion show and dance numbers...her brothers even "showed" how "it" (dancing) is done. They would not normally dance in public but they did that day for their darling little sister. We had a great time watching the video...very funny.

This is her last year in the single digit. Our little princess is growing up. Well, as with our boys, they will all forever be our "babies":)

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