God’s sense of humor

I pray for everything...even finding a parking spot.  It really feels good to be constantly talking to God.  I talk to him so much to a point where I feel his sense of humor.  Yes! I hear him "joking" with me sometimes.  Here’s one instance: It’s really hard finding a parking spot at Chabot College in the morning.  On my first day of class,  it took me 45 minutes trying to find a parking spot!  So the next day, I came even earlier to allot extra time looking for a spot.  I told myself, "c’mon Imelda you can do this.  You can find a parking spot".  After 20 minutes of circling I finally remembered to start praying and ask God to help me find a spot.  And I did find one shortly after. This reminded me not to rely on my own powers and to involve God even in what seems to be a small thing.  After all nothing is too big or too small to God.  So then the next time I came, I remembered to pray right away.  I asked, "God please let a parking spot open up".  A parking spot did open up but it wasn’t for me but for another car.  Can you see God’s humor here?  I can hear Him saying to me: "Imelda, my dear child, you just asked for a spot to open up but you didn't specify for whom".  I think it was also His way of reminding me to pray for others too.  God gave me my very own special spot shortly after close to where I needed to go:)

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