Coastal Dance at Avila Beach

Isabella's dance school, Coastal Dance, had a great show at the Avila Beach Farmer's Market last Friday. Here are some photos to share courtesy of one of the moms.

We bought a video camera to capture this wonderful moment. Unfortunately Ian, who was in charge of taking the video, accidentally missed Belle's parts. He was so proud of his sister that he got so busy watching her instead of videotaping.

There are three groups of dancers. Isabella's group is called Razzle Dazzle consisting currently of 4 girls from her class. They performed a jazz dance called Little Bitty Pretty One. And they also joined in the finale, The Heart of Rock and Roll.

Little Bitty Pretty One

after changing costumes for the finale

The Heart of Rock and Roll Finale

stretching in class.
They nicknamed her Gumby because she is so flexible.

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