New Car and Grill

Wow I can't believe spring break is over. It has been a wonderful and productive vacation. We started with great family time at the beach. The rest of the week was mostly spent cultivating a new friendship and shopping for a new car for my mom.

I introduced my mom to Tessie and her husband, Steven, last Wednesday. On Thursday, Steven accompanied us shopping for mom's new car. We were out shopping for most of the day. Steven is a great aid in car shopping...not only does he love shopping and cars (he has 3 car magazine subscriptions) he is also a great negotiator. He asked to see the car invoice and offered $500 over invoice. It was a great experience. We ended up with a 2006 Mazda Tribute. My mom is so thrilled as it has been her long desire to acquire an SUV.

We are so grateful for our new friends, Tessie and Steven. Today, after church, we invited them over for lunch. Tessie is so full of energy and ready to venture out to new undertaking in hopes of helping the less fortunate in the Philippines. We had a very nice and long conversation over delicious lunch. Phil barbequed some steak and ribs over the new grill he assembled yesterday.

Dear God,
Thank you...
...for a new car and a new grill
...for a son who is able and willing to assemble the grill and then barbeque
...for good friends
...for the desire and means to help the less fortunate
...for uplifting conversations over great food
...for our health and togetherness

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you are truly blessed...and we miss you so dearly here - but know you are in a palce where Ods wants you to be....