Revisiting Taekwondo...and so much more

We drove to Union City on Friday, Feb. 1st, right after Belle's dance classes. I normally am not fond of driving at night but I was looking forward to the Saturday 9am taekwondo class at Choi's Martial Arts. The hour long class quenched my "homesickness" not just for the practice of this art I so dearly miss but also for the family we have at the dojang. It was a especially delightful class as I was joined by my BFF, ate Cecile, and the wonderful Christa Choi.

Then off to ate Cecile's for some inspiring and comforting conversations over delicious breakfast (prepared especially for us by ate Cecile's wonderful nana Lorna). Isabella was so thrilled to spend the day with BFF, Krystn and Illahe too! Then Isabella and Krystn attended the red belt class (Isabella really misses the dojang and taekwondo practices too).

We then took Krystn home with us after their class. We all watched the movie Game Plan at home with Immanuel, Ian and dad. It was a very nice family time.

And then the perfect ending to a perfect day...dinner with the Janiceks at Pacific Buffet...absolutely delightful! Thank you very much ate Cecile. What a wonderful day...What a blessing!

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