CDMA Grand Opening

Held last January 26th, is the grand opening of Isabella's fave dance studio, Coastal Dance and Music Academy. They moved to a new 3,000 square feet of studio space in Arroyo Grande. It features three performace rooms with sate-of-the art sound system, flooring and soon, theater lighting.

The grand opening was featured in three different Central Coast newspapers. Here is a scanned copy of the Santa Maria Times (Isabella is the one in the front with galsses on)

Russ and Isabella offered a father/daughter number with Isabella's own 'last minute' choreography to dad's guitar accompaniment of Rhythm of the Rain. It was a precious sight and was a hit especially to sentimental moms who got mushy and dewy-eyed. (sorry I didn't get to take a picture. I work part time at the studio office and I was working that day)

but here are a couple of scanned photos taken by the studio photographer...

Featuring the Razzle Dazzle Performance Troupe in

"Getcha Head in the Game"

"Broadway Babies"

Isabella truly enjoys her four dance classes (ballet, jaz, tap, and repertory). She loves everyone there (really helps alleviate her longing for her Choi's Martial Arts family). It goes to show that warm memories of a 'family' environment will always be remembered and can never be erased. We know that the new memories she is presently creating at her new dance 'family' will be a lasting one.

here's a photo I took of the tv monitor at the studio's lounge connected to one of the performance rooms (taken during Isabella's tap class )

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