Best of Both Worlds the title of Hannah Montana's concert. It's also how I feel toward our two home-sweet-homes. One nestled in the warmth of nature, the other in the warmth of comforting friendships. Indeed the best of both worlds. (Now if I could only combine both worlds....)

Thank you to ate Cecile for taking us to the very special 3D movie showing of this "too-cute-and-lovable-can't-miss" concert. What a wonderful experience to see the thrill in our "fast-growing-not-so-little-anymore" sweet girls...a glimpse of what's to come?

Then it was time to give our "good-bye-until-next-time" hugs...but not before indulging in ate Cecile's "melt-in-your-mouth to-die-for" Texas Sheet Cake! Talk about pure indulgence! I am absolutely in awe of her energy. We just got back from the movie, I had just finished preparing for the trip back to Pismo, and voila!...a warm, delightful, homemade chocolate cake. Thank you so much ate Cecile...we all loved it!

some special photos from ate Cecile

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Wish we had more time to spend but truly am grateful for the weekend you chose to spend with us. We have missed you all so very much