The Fog...A reminder of Hope

It’s been foggy for the past couple of days. It’s the first time I’ve seen it like this since we moved here. I always marvel at the splendor of the seascape whenever I glance outside. But the last couple of days I can’t even see past the next house. Well, today, the fog finally subsided and I can see the ocean again. The sight is like a breath of fresh air. This allowed for an even deeper appreciation for the majestic beauty that abound.

Our problems are like the fog. We need them so that when they come to pass, as they always do, we can have a deeper appreciation of life and glorify Him who created and sustains it. We need to see past our problems, past the fog; and believe in the knowledge that there is hope; that whatever it is, it too shall pass; that there is a blue ocean past the fog.

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