Time with the Roceros

Last Friday, my darling Isabella and I, had a glorious time gardening (no school - teacher work day). We had our gardening hats on, complete with sunglasses. We were having so much fun we lost track of time. It was time to pick Ian up shortly after our late lunch. Then it was on to fast indoor cleaning as my friend Pat and family are coming to visit. They arrived around 6pm and, after a quick tour, Paul left them as he heads on to Avila Beach to check in at their hotel. We had a fun time catching up and going down taekwondo memory lane. Then I took them back to their hotel.

I picked them up Saturday morning for some gallivanting at downtown SLO. I bought Belle a new ballet shoes at a dance store. Then the Roceros met with some of their relatives for lunch, while Belle & I headed home. We stopped at Costco on the way home.

We met them again for an afternoon at the beach. Paul took Sean and Alexa to Cal Poly for a dance practice, while Pat and I watched the sunset with my kids. Then it was time for us to take Pat and say our goodbyes as we won't be seeing her before they leave (church day and previous engagement with my new friend, Tessie).

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