February at a Glance

I cannot believe I haven’t blogged for a month when I’ve been so good since the move. Well, I had a "jam-packed" month. Besides my usual weekday consisting of attending twice a day classes at the gym, taking kids to and from school, volunteering at Belle's school and taking Belle to dance classes twice a week, my weekends were just as full.

Here's a month in review or February's weekends at a glance:

Our whole family was complete during the second weekend. My mom, auntie Edith, Russ, and Immanuel came that weekend. The rain didn’t stop us from enjoying the beach. Immanuel went surfing with Phil boogie boarding. We all played at the park and the kids went bowling with dad.

The following weekend we went to Union City. Attended a couple birthday parties, hair and dental appointment and Isabella got her first eyeglasses.

Towards the last weekend, I was in a state of distress. And, as always, God brings something good out of it. I was Consoled by an Angel in my time of despair.

And this...It became sort of customary for us to stop at the park on Fridays after I pick up the kids from school. It’s a great stress release watching them have fun together. I wasn’t feeling very well that Friday but Belle wanted to stay longer. So I said she can ask Phil to take her when he arrives from school. When Phil came home she ran to my room proudly and happily announcing: "mommy, mommy I didn’t even have to ask Phil to take me to the park. He came in the door and asked me if I want to go to the park!" What a blessing!

Then that Saturday we went to Santa Maria to attend a birthday party for Belle’s classmate. Ian and I joined the group and we had fun playing laser tag.

Russ arrived that evening and stayed through Friday. He had a great time spending quality time with the kids and enjoyed watching Belle’s dance class. He is just so proud of her.

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