Great Friends Keeping in Touch

In the beginning of the week, I had a call from my bible study friend, ate Lolit. She is very gifted in her calling as one of God’s ambassadors. She always calls to pray with me over the phone. I am so blessed to have friends like her.


My angel realtor friend, ate Janet,forwarded me an email one day...

I responded: "Hi ate Janette, Thanks for this. I miss you. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hello to everyone" and I gave my blogsite.

Ate Janet responded back:
"I miss you too :) I have to tell you that I LOVE your blogsites. I just visited both sites and loved it. Reading your entries relaxes me, really. Love all the sayings, comments, etc. Really grounds me. You know how it is, we get sucked in to the day to day routine and forget the simple things in life like having coffee or tea with friends. I haven't done that in a while. Your site reminded me of what I am missing... just spending leisure time with girlfriends. I would love to join you and your girlfriends in next coffee or tea...."

Me:" ...I won't be going back there until March 24....watching a play called 'Vagina Monologues'...maybe we can plan coffee or tea time then..."

Ate Janet: 'I heard about 'Vagina Monologues' sounds like fun. Teka, where are you ba?..."

Me: "I didn't realize... you didn't know we moved to Pismo? We've been here since beginning of the year. I guess I wasn't able to send you a copy of my christmas letter? well, here's the link..."

That was the last entry. She was on the phone shortly after that expressing her disbelief. Boy did she express her disbelief (She repeated "I can't believe it!" several times). We talked for a while trying to catch up...She's very sad at the thought I'm not just 5 minutes away anymore...but glad for me and proud of my decision...It’s so good to hear from dear friends.

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