Immanuel & Krystal's visit

Immanuel & Krystal came to visit early Sunday morning (very early like around 3am). We wasted no time spending time together. I took them to my 9:30 body jam class.

Immanuel: "I can't believe you had me go to that class mom"
Ian: "At least she didn't take you to body combat. I was the only guy there."
Immanuel: "Yeah but at least you did not dance to 'loosen up my buttons babe' and shake your butt"

Then we went out to eat at Hometown Buffet. Krystal told the server that it's Phil's birthday. Phil suspected and was going to hide but they got him. It was so fun...Phil got so embarrassed:)

We were off to the beach after lunch. It was a very nice day. We played frisbee for hours. Then they played in the water for a while. Then we burried Belle in the sand. After Belle, we also burried Phil (just below his knees). After all the playing, it was time for Splash Cafe. Then on to the park. They stayed there until dark (maybe around 7pm). They all had fun playing together. Their genuine love for each other is very evident and a sight to behold. Truly a memorable day.

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