A Visit from an angel....Hosting to perfect guests

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting to the most perfect guests. Have you ever seen nor heard of guests who launder the bedding, wash the dishes, clean, and bring food enough to feed the hosts for at least a week?!

My very best friend in the world, angel ate Cecile, came to visit. She arrived Friday night with her darling children Timmy and Krystn (Isabella’s "bestest" friend), and nana Lorna. We stayed up until 2am "catching up" (boy, did I miss her).

We were up early Saturday morning and we headed to the beach (with nana Lorna and Timothy). And behold....her passion for photography...it was awesome... watching her "at work"...and even more awesome... previewing the "work"...well, artwork...major goose bumps. As very appropriately defined in papellephotographie:

photography...art that has the ability to penetrate the very depths of our soul, to touch and open our heart, to evoke a wordless feeling of awe, to remind us of the exquisite and glorious mystery of life .

Here's a sample glorious capture: Jump for Joy

After the beach, and upon showing Belle’s school and dance school, we stopped at a park overlooking the ocean. She paused to take a picture of a beautiful house with a beautiful front garden. As it turns out, the friendly filipina owner was walking her dog at the park and we started talking. After exchanging numbers, we were off to Avila Beach. Then it was time to fetch the rest of the children. We had lunch at Splash CafĂ©. We were going to go bowling but there was a league playing so we headed to the beach instead. The kids had a great time playing. It was a gorgeous day. We retired early as everyone were pooped after a fun day at the beach.

We went to the 9am service on Sunday. When we got there they were showing a video clip of the progress of the new youth building. This church is not your typical church. It has a theater setup complete with theater seats. So, though not surprising, it was very funny when Krystn whispered to me: "tita Imelda, I thought we’re going to church not the theater".

After church we fetched my boys and we headed to Morro Bay. We were somehow led to a spot with a beautiful view of the Morro Rock. Then ate Cecile insisted on treating us to lunch. It was so hard saying goodbye after that.

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