A Precious Prayer from my Little Angel

On Thursdays, Phil leaves for school before 8am,
requiring I take Isabella with me when I take Ian to school.
She gets a little car sick in the morning. When we got home
she said: "I don't feel very well, mommy".
I said: "Let me pray over you". About 5 minutes after my prayer
she said: "Mommy I’m feeling so much better. Thanks for the prayer."
So off we went to school.

I met with my new friend, Tessie, and she went with me to my 9:30am dance class. Then we had coffee together and talked for a while. It was time for me to pick up Ian (minimum day today) shortly after that. Afterwards, Phil and I had lunch at Yanagi Sushi (he comes home after his first class as his next class is not until 3pm). Then I cleaned for a little bit and....

... it was time to pick up Belle. We always talk about her day and then we enjoy the view during our drive home. In our moment of silence, I inadvertently uttered out loud to myself: "I’m not feeling very well". Isabella’s precious voice from the backseat: "
You just need prayer mommy and you’ll feel much better. Let me pray, Dear God, let my mommy feel better, she’s the most wonderful mommy, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

My soul, overpowered with a sense of spiritual ecstasy,
seemed to have soared to heaven
to give an ever so tight embrace
to the One who makes all things possible
for bestowing heavenly moments such as this
for His unfathomable sovereignty, goodness, and mercy.

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