Meditation Spot

Reposting as inspired by It's a Beautiful Life Friday at The Inspired Room

Most of you know that solitude is a "must" in my daily rituals. I normally stop by the beach after school drop offs. With my husband now working in the area, he is able and very glad taking Isabella to school in the morning. So in replacement of my then usual meditation stop by the beach, this relaxing space is my current alternate meditation spot in the morning. After good-bye kisses, and before my household rituals, I am off to our inviting backyard with my cup of coffee, journal and beloved inspirational books. It's my "alone" time (well, alone with HIM) anticipated daily ritual of solitude.

If it is cold outside, this is my indoor meditation spot that overlooks the outdoor spot.

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Michelle said...

I need to find a solitude spot of my own....

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely post.
Followed your link from the Inspired Room. Yes we all do need to carve out a little space for quiet reflection. Am in the middle of moving and it is taking a while to figure out where things fit in the new space but am happy the candles have a place to shine, that has got to be a good start.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I enjoyed your post...solitude is a lovely and needed daily ritual!!!

Thanks for sharing this!