Beauty of Nature

The beauty that abound
beckons my spirits
and whispers to my soul...

Slow down
don't let the beauty of nature slip by unnoticed

Take time
pay attention to the handiwork of the Creator

Take pleasure
revel in the grandeur of His creation

feel the nearness of God and experience His closeness

let the magnificence of His creation nourish your soul

I feel so fortunate living in a place where the beauty of nature abound, where I can find sweet escape and be on vacation every single day...truly a blessing I am so very grateful for. I pray for my heart to be guarded against apathy and callousness. Heaven forbid that I might grow accustomed to such magnificence and take it for granted.

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4 comments: said...

I continue to see God's gifts to you shine more brightly as you share words such as these to me, to your readers....

I would love to one day own a compilation of all your words, interspersed with all the beautiful verses that have inspired you.

J Bar said...

Beautiful scenes.

Regina said...

Yours is such wonderful site. Thanks for visiting my blog.
God bless.

Bestemor Aud said...

Thank you for your beautiful post, and your wonderful blog - honouring the Creator!
This became my spiritual "daily bread" to-day!