Babes in Toyland

A video clip from Babes in Toyland last December. Isabella played The French Doll in Act I ...she pops out from the big gift box.

Finally I have some photos of Babes in Toyland from last December. The photographer hesitated for a long while as to whether or not to make the photos available. The photos came out dark because of lighting issues at the Pismo Vet's Hall. I am so glad the photographer finally decided to share them despite the quality issues.

Here she is coming out of a big gift box

in her solo French Doll dance

joined by her close friend, Sonja, as the Toymaker's Assistant

here she is descending from a lifted grand jete over the Floppy Dolls

final pose at the end of the French Doll dance

and I also got 4 photos from Act II with Isabella as a Sheep (coming soon after I finish scanning:)

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